2020 Survey

In February we mailed surveys to all Long Island taxpayers and renters. The purpose of this confidential survey was to assist us in gauging interest in moving forward to connect all of our residents equally with broadband speed Internet and related services.

The most significant question for our Committee was Question 15.

 “If the Town were to install its own Broadband service providing much higher access speeds and services than currently available, would you subscribe?” 

Choice a.  “Yes, I know I need faster speeds and would pay would pay a bit more”65 checked this.

Choice b.   “Yes, I know the Community needs faster speeds and would pay a bit more than I pay now” -90 checked this. (Note: there were some multiple responses to a. and b. but the total for the two is 155)

Choice c.  “Yes, but only if the cost is the same or less than what I pay now”   –34 checked this.  

Choice d. “No, what I have now is good enough” 15 checked this. 

Choice e. “I need more information to answer this”25 checked this.

Here is a link to the entire survey with a tally of responses and summary of responses to questions that required comments: 2020 Survey