Welcome to the Long Island Broadband Exploratory Committee website.

As you probably know Consolidated is well underway with Long Island’s fiber to the home network. You can track the progress by going to their Long Island page by clicking HERE.

If you are a current Consolidated customer you will be notified by mail when they are ready to accept orders. You can preregister by going to the Long Island page and filling out the preregistration form. If Long Island is not listed in the drop down list of towns on this form use our zip code and select Eastbrook.

Here’s the options for service they will be providing:

OPTION 1 – 50 Mbps Download: up to 50 Mbps / Upload: up to 50 Mbps

    • Great for browsing the Internet, shopping online, sending emails and gaming
    • Stream your favorite movies, shows, videos and music
    • Download apps and keep up with all your social media and online shopping
    • 10 email addresses and 1 Gig storage per email
    • Supports 3 – 4 devices at one time
    • $35/MO*


OPTION 2: 250 Mbps Download: up to 250 Mbps / Upload: up to 250 Mbps

    • Everything you can do with 50 Mbps service, plus:
    • Work or learn from home more efficiently.
    • Perfect for online learning and interacting with teachers or colleagues.
    • Stream 4K content, play online games, load and download large files.  Connect with friends and family seamlessly using video apps.
    • Supports 4 – 5 devices at one time.
    • $60/MO*

OPTION 3: 1 GIG  Download: up to 1 Gig / Upload: up to 1 Gig

    • Everything you can do with 250 Mbps service, plus:
    • Designed for the ultimate, connected smart home.
    • Working and learning from home made easy and seamless.
    • Better streaming TV experience.
    • Easily download large files without buffering or delay.
    • Supports 5+ devices at one time.
    • $70/MO*

*All options include a wireless router. The listed prices do not include taxes, fees & surcharges. The speeds given are for a wired connections, i.e. devices connected directly to the router by a cable. The speeds of WiFi connected devices will vary depending on the quality of the signal received by the device from the router.